Terminologiesammlung für Berufsbildungsfachleute

Terminologiesammlung für Berufsbildungsfachleute

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Berufsbildungsbegriffe Deutsch-Englisch Terminologiesammlung für Berufsbildungsfachleute Abitur higher education entrance qualification upper secondary school-leaving certificate university entrance qualification Abiturient/-in upper secondary school leaver holder of the higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) holder of the Abitur certificate ABM-Maßnahme job-creation measure Abschlussprüfung final examination Abschlusszeugnis leaving-certificate school-leaving certificate degree (certificate) final degree/qualification diploma VET certificate Absolventenstudie graduate survey Akkreditierung Zulassung accreditation Anmerkung: of programmes, institutions Definition: Process of accrediting an institution of education or training, a programme of study, or a service, showing it has been approved by the relevant legislative and professional authorities by having met predetermined standards. Akkreditierung eines Anbieters der allgemeinen oder beruflichen Bildung accreditation of an education or training provider Definition: A process of quality assurance through which an education or training provider is officially recognised and approved by the relevant legislative or professional authorities following assessment against predetermined standards. Akkreditierung eines Bildungs- oder Ausbildungsprogramms accreditation of an education or training programme Definition: A process of quality assurance through which a programme of education or training is officially recognised and approved by the relevant legislative or profession authorities following assessment against predetermined standards. Akteur stakeholder allgemeinbildende Schulen general schools general education schools Allgemeinbildung general education allgemeine Schulbildung general academic education Allgemeinwissen general knowledge Altbewerber/-in unplaced applicants from previous years repeat applicants Verwandte Begriffe: training place applicants alternde Gesellschaft ageing society Definition: A society characterised by an increasing proportion of older people, usually linked to a declining birth rate. alternierende Ausbildung duale Ausbildung alternance training alternating company- and school-based vocational education and training (sometimes needs explaining depending on nature of text) Definition: Education or training combining periods in an educational institution or training centre and in the workplace. The alternance scheme can take place on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis depending on the country and applicable status, participants may be contractually linked to the employer and/or receive a remuneration. Comment: the German ''dual system” is an example of alternance training. Analyse des Ausbildungsbedarfs training needs analysis Definition: Systematic evaluation of present and future skills needs against the skills available to implement an efficient training strategy. Anbieter der allgemeinen oder beruflichen Bildung education or training provider Definition: Any organisation or individual providing education or training services. anerkannter Ausbildungsberuf recognised training occupation state-recognised training occupation anerkannter Berufsabschluss recognised vocational qualification anerkannter Fortbildungsabschluss recognised advanced vocational qualification Anerkennung recognition Definition: Formal recognition: the process of granting official status to skills and competences either through the award of certificates or through the grant of equivalence, credit units, validation of gained skills and/or competences, and/or social recognition: the acknowledgement of the value of skills and/or competences by economic and social stakeholders. Quelle: CEDEFOP 2004 Anerkennung von früher erworbenen Kenntnissen accreditation of prior learning - APL prior learning assessment - PLA recognition of prior learning - RPL Anerkennung von Lernergebnissen recognition of learning outcomes Anerkennung von Qualifikationen recognition of qualifications mutual recognition of qualifications Anerkennungsgesetz Gesetz zur Verbesserung der Feststellung und Anerkennung im Ausland erworbener Berufsqualifikationen Law to improve the assessment and recognition of foreign professional qualifications Assessment and Recognition of Foreign Professional Qualifications Act Recognition Act Definition: The Federal Recognition Act simplifies and standardises procedures for the evaluation of foreign professional or vocational qualifications governed by Federal Law and opens up such procedures to target groups not previously entitled to pursue such a route. Quelle: Homepage Anerkennung Anpassungsfähigkeit adaptability Definition: Capacity of an organisation or of an individual to adapt to new technologies, new market conditions and new work patterns. Anpassungsfortbildung updating training Definition: Training designed to bring skills and knowledge up to date with new processes, materials, and technology. Anpassungsqualifizierung refresher training An

schlussfähigkeit connectivity Anwendungslernen learning-by-using Definition: Learning acquired by repeated use of tools or facilities, but without instruction. Anzeiger für die allgemeine und berufliche Bildung Education and Training Monitor Definition: The Education and Training Monitor is an annual series that reports on the evolution of education and training systems across Europe, bringing together the latest quantitative and qualitative data, recent technical reports and studies, plus policy documents and developments. Quelle: Homepage Education and Training Monitor Arbeitnehmerüberlassung employee leasing Verwandte Begriffe: employee leasing service, employee leasing establishment Arbeitsamt employment office Verwandte Begriffe: Federal Employment Agency Arbeitsgebiet field of activity Arbeitsgemeinschaft Berufsbildungsforschungsnetz (AG BFN) Vocational Education and Training Research Network Arbeitskräfteangebot labour supply Arbeitskreis working group Arbeitslehre work theory introduction to the world of work practical work lessons work preparation Arbeitsmarktfähigkeit Arbeitsmarktfitness employability Definition: The degree of adaptability an individual demonstrates in finding and keeping a job, and updating occupational skills. Quelle: CEDEFOP 2004 arbeitsnahes Lernen arbeitsgestütztes Lernen work-based learning Definition: Acquisition of knowledge and skills through carrying out - and reflecting on - tasks in a vocational context. arbeitsprozessorientierte Qualifizierung APO-Methode work-process-oriented training Arbeitswelt world of work working world Attraktivität der Berufsbildung attractiveness of vocational education and training Auffrischungskurse refresher courses Definition: A course that revises or updates previously acquired knowledge and skills. Aufstieg career advancement Verwandte Begriffe: career-advancement qualification Aufstieg durch Bildung Advancement through Education Anmerkung: Qualification Initiative of the Federal Government Aufstiegsfortbildung upgrading training Anmerkung: advancement/progression of a worker/ job to a higher grade Aufstiegsorientierung advancement pathways Aufstiegsqualifikation berufliche Aufstiegsqualifikation advanced vocational (training) qualification Aufstiegsstipendium advancement grant Anmerkung: As part of its Qualification Initiative the German Federal Government has announced a programme to provide financial assistance for vocationally qualified individuals to take up degreelevel studies in the form of an advancement grant. upgrading scholarship Ausbau von Qualifikationen upskilling Definition: Short-term targeted training typically provided following initial education or training, and aimed at supplementing, improving or updating knowledge, skills and/or competences acquired during previous training. Ausbildender training employer employer providing training Definition: The party who signs the contract with the trainee is called the ''training employer”. The owner of the firm can assign the task of training to an employee - an instructor - who is qualified to provide training. In small firms, the training employer and the instructor are usually the same person - the owner himself. Ausbilderin/Ausbilder trainer Definition: Trainers are responsible for planning training content and schedules and for conducting incompany vocational training programmes. Ausbilder-Eignungsverordnung (AEVO) Ordinance on Trainer Aptitude Ausbildung apprenticeship (im Sinne von ''Berufsausbildung'') training Anmerkung: siehe auch Berufsbildung, duale Ausbildung, Lehre Ausbildung am Arbeitsplatz on-the-job training Definition: Vocational training given in the normal work situation. It may constitute the whole training or be combined with off-the-job training. workplace-based training Ausbildung außerhalb des Arbeitsplatzes off-the-job training Definition: Vocational training undertaken away from the normal work situation. It is usually only part of a whole training programme, in which it is combined with on-the-job training. Ausbildung im Baukastensystem modular training Definition: A training programme consisting mainly of independent modules which may be taken in a flexible way to achieve a variety of objectives. The modules will normally be integrated in some form as part of a programme. Verwandte Begriffe: modularisation Ausbildungsabschlussprüfung final examination after completion of training Ausbildungsangebot training places on offer supply of training places Anmerkung: im Sinne von Lehrstellenangebot Ausbildungsbausteine training modules Definition: Training modules are time-limited, standardised and didactically founded constituent elements of applicable training regulations. They describe what learners should be able to do after completion of a module. Verwandte Begriffe: modular training Ausbildungsbedarf training needs ausbildungsbegleitende Hilfen (abH) assistance that is provided during vocational education and training in-training support t

raining assistance Ausbildungsberuf occupation requiring formal training training occupation Anmerkung: Kurzform von ''occupation requiring formal training” Ausbildungsbetrieb training company company providing training company offering training Ausbildungsbonus training bonus Definition: The training bonus system foresees government assistance for enterprises which take on unplaced applicants from previous years. Verwandte Begriffe: unplaced applicants from previous years, qualification initiative Ausbildungsdauer duration of traineeship duration of training Ausbildungserträge gains training returns Verwandte Begriffe: Costs and benefits of in-company vocational training, gross costs, net costs, company size, training sector, hiring patterns, benefits of providing training ausbildungsfähig trainable capable of entering training being able to enter an apprenticeship Ausbildungsförderung training assistance training grant educational grant measures to foster (vocational) training promotion of (vocational) training Ausbildungsgang Ausbildungsplatzabgabe Ausbildungsprogramm training scheme Ausbildungsabgabe training places levy Ausbildungskosten Ausbildungsplatzangebot training costs Ausbildungsmarkt apprenticeship market training market vocational training market Ausbildungsmarktstatistik apprenticeship market statistics training market statistics Ausbildungsnachfrage Ausbildungsplatznachfrage apprenticeship (places) demand training places demand demand for training places Verwandte Begriffe: supply-demand ratio Ausbildungsnachweis training certificate evidence of formal qualifications Definition: Diplomas, certificates and other evidence issued by an authority in a Member State designated pursuant to legislative, regulatory or administrative provisions of that Member State and certifying successful completion of professional training obtained mainly in the Community. Ausbildungsordnung training regulation Verwandte Begriffe: initial training regulation, vocational training regulation Ausbildungspakt Nationaler Pakt für Ausbildung und Fachkräftenachwuchs National Pact for Training and Young Skilled Staff Training Pact Verwandte Begriffe: introductory qualifications, training places levy, Law on Securing Vocational Training Ausbildungsplanung training course planning Ausbildungsplatz apprenticeship (place) training place apprenticeship (places) supply training places supply Ausbildungsplatzbewerber/-in Lehrstellenbewerber/-in apprenticeship applicant training place applicant Ausbildungsplatzentwickler/-in apprenticeship (places) developer training place developer training position developer Anmerkung: Ausbildungsplatzentwickler/-innen beraten die Betriebe bei der Schaffung neuer Ausbildungsplätze. Ausbildungsprofil training profile Definition: Training profiles offer basic information on individual training occupations. Ausbildungsrahmenplan general training plan Ausbildungsreife apprenticeship entry maturity training maturity traineeship entry maturity maturity required for successful vocational training maturity necessary for successfully completing a course of vocational training Definition: Having the necessary numeracy and literacy skills for taking up an apprenticeship, meeting the entry requirements for an apprenticeship. Verwandte Begriffe: lack of apprenticeship entry maturity Ausbildungsstelle Lehrstelle training place apprenticeship place Verwandte Begriffe: training places market Ausbildungsstellenmarkt Lehrstellenmarkt training places market apprenticeship (places) market Ausbildungsträger Ausbildungswerkstatt Ausbildungsanbieter training provider Ausbildungswerkstätte training workshop apprenticeship workshop Definition: Any organisation or individual providing training services. Ausbildungsverbund collaborative training venture cooperative training network training consortium Definition: Several natural persons or legal entities may cooperate within the framework of a collaborative training venture to discharge the contractual obligations of training employers as long as responsibility for the individual stages of initial training and for the period of initial training as a whole is ensured (collaborative training). Ausbildungsvergütung training allowance Verwandte Begriffe: agreed training allowance Ausbildungsverlauf außerbetriebliche Ausbildung außerbetriebliche Berufsausbildung extra-company (vocational) education and training extra-company (vocational) training non-company training Verwandte Begriffe: company training, in-company training außerbetriebliche Ausbildungsplätze außerbetriebliche Lehrstellen extra-company training places non-company training places außerschulische Ausbildung out-of-school education außerschulische Berufsbildung course of training process of training vocational training trajectory vocational training out-of-school non-school-based vocational training vocational education out-of-school non-formal vocational training Ausbildungsvertrag außerschul

ische Erziehung apprenticeship contract training contract Definition: The apprenticeship contract is a fixed-term contract where the apprentice’s work is remunerated by a certain financial sum stipulated by law. Verwandte Begriffe: newly concluded training contracts ausbildungsvorbereitendes Jahr (AVJ) training preparation year Ausbildungsvorbereitung training preparation Ausbildungsweg Ausbildungszweig pathway of training training pathway Definition: Broad group of training programmes, that share the same main characteristics (e.g. duration, place of training, qualification level, etc.). Most countries have different vocational training pathways. The main difference is school- or training centre-based versus work-based training. extra-curricular education ausstellende Stelle awarding body Definition: A body issuing qualifications (certificates or diplomas) formally recognising the achievements of an individual, following a standard assessment procedure. Aus- und Weiterbildung initial and continuing vocational education and training Auszubildende/Auszubildender Lehrling apprentice trainee Definition: An apprentice or trainee is a person undertaking vocational training over a specified period in a skilled trade or skilled occupation. Anmerkung: ''Trainee” is a more flexible concept than ''apprentice”. Basisqualifikationen Siehe auch: Grundfertigkeiten, Grundkompetenzen, Grundqualifikationen, Kernqualifikationen basic skills Definition: The skills and competences needed to function in contemporary society, e.g. listening, speaking, reading, writing and mathematics. Befähigungsnachweis Bescheinigung Diplom Siehe auch: Zertifikat, Zeugnis, Titel certificate diploma title Definition: An official document, issued by an awarding body, which records achievements of an individual following assessment against a predefined standard. beiläufiges Lernen Gelegenheitslernen incidental learning Definition: Incidental learning is unintentional or unplanned learning that results from other activities. Verwandte Begriffe: informal learning, non-formal learning, explicit learning, self-directed learning benachbarte Berufe related occupations benachteiligte Jugendliche disadvantaged young people Verwandte Begriffe: social disadvantages, learning difficulties Benachteiligtenförderung (in der beruflichen Bildung) support of disadvantaged individuals (in vocational education and training) promotion of disadvantaged individuals assistance for disadvantaged individuals Benachteiligtenprogramm support programme/scheme for disadvantaged individuals Verwandte Begriffe: disadvantaged young people Beratung und Orientierung guidance and counselling Definition: A range of activities designed to help individuals take educational, vocational or personal decisions and carry them out before and after they enter the labour market. Berichtsheft report book record book Definition: Every trainee is required to keep a report book, a written record of his initial training. The trainee must be given the opportunity to keep such a report book during the period of initial training. The training employer shall review the report book regularly. Beruf occupation Anmerkung: Beruf im Sinne einer beruflichen Tätigkeit nach einer Ausbildung im dualen System. profession Anmerkung: Beruf im Sinne von akademischer Beruf oder freier Beruf. trade Anmerkung: Beruf im Sinne von handwerklicher Tätigkeit. Berufe im Gesundheitswesen healthcare occupations healthcare professions berufliche Entwicklung beruflicher Werdegang Berufsverlauf career path career progression career route career history occupational pathway occupation path berufliche Fähigkeiten occupational skills berufliche Fortbildung advanced vocational training further training berufliche Fortbildungsmaßnahme further vocational training course further vocational training scheme further training programme berufliche Grundbildung basic vocational training berufliche Handlungsfähigkeit occupational proficiency employability skills vocational proficiency berufliche Qualifikation vocational skills Anmerkung: Manchmal auch im Singular ''skill'' gebraucht. vocational competence berufliche Qualifizierungsmaßnahme vocational training scheme (VTS) vocational training programme berufliche Weiterbildung professional development continuing professional development (CPD) continuing professional education (CPE) Definition: Any action undertaken to improve professional performance. berufliche Weiterbildungsmaßnahme continuing vocational training course berufliches Gymnasium vocational grammar school Definition: Type of school at upper secondary level offering a three-year course of education which includes both the general education subjects taught at upper Gymnasium level and career-oriented subjects, such as business and technology, but which also leads to the general higher education entrance qualification. Verwandte Begriffe: higher education entrance qualification Berufsabschluss vocational qualificati

on vocational certificate Berufsakademie college of advanced vocational studies Definition: Colleges of advanced vocational studies are full-time vocational education and training institutions which only exist in certain states (Länder). As a rule students must have a qualification for entry to higher education (the Abitur). Training takes three years and is normally offered in cooperation with companies (placements during the programme of studies) university of cooperative education Definition: Universities of cooperative education (UCE) are state-approved educational institutions which have a special position next to the normal universities. The courses take three years, in which theoretical and practical learning alternate. That means that a period of university is followed by a period of practical education in a company which is the educational partner of the UCE. Quelle: Homepage Study in Germany Berufsaufbauschule vocational extension school Definition: Vocational extension schools are attended by young people who are undergoing vocational training or who are employed. Berufsausbildungsbeihilfe (BAB) vocational training grant Kontext: In-company vocational education and training is supported under the vocational training grant scheme (BAB). Berufsausbildungssicherungsgesetz (BerASichG) Law on Securing Vocational Training Draft Law on Securing Vocational Training Verwandte Begriffe: National Pact for Training and Young Skilled Staff Berufsausbildungsvorbereitung (BAV) vocational training preparation Verwandte Begriffe: vocational preparation schemes BerufsausbildungsvorbereitungsBescheinigungsverordnung (BAVBVO) Ordinance on the Certification of Basic Vocational Skills within the Framework of Preparation for Vocational Education and Training Ordinance on the Certification of the Fundamentals of Vocational Proficiency in the Context of Preparation for Vocational Education and Training Anmerkung: The basic vocational competence that the individual acquires in the course of training preparation can be certified by the training provider. Certification is regulated by the BAVBVO (ordinance on the certification of the fundamentals of vocational proficiency in the context of preparation for vocational education and training). berufsbegleitend in-service during employment Verwandte Begriffe: in-service training, qualification during employment qualification during employment training during employment professional profile Kontext: The professional profiles provide you with information on the contents and duration of foreign professional training programs, and also include translated excerpts from relevant training or further training regulations, thereby helping you to compare a foreign professional qualification to a corresponding German qualification. Quelle: Homepage BQ-Portal Berufsberatung Berufsbildung berufsbegleitende Ausbildung berufsbegleitende Weiterbildung in-service training Verwandte Begriffe: in-service teacher training, inservice training grants berufsbegleitende Nachqualifizierung vocational guidance Definition: Help given to the individual inside or outside the school system in choosing a career or occupation. Verwandte Begriffe: vocational orientation Berufsberatungsjahr vocational guidance year Definition: The reporting period of the vocational guidance services (1 October - 30 September). Berufsberatungsstatistik statistics issued by the Federal Employment Agency’s vocational guidance services Verwandte Begriffe: Federal Employment Agency, placement year Berufsbereich Berufsfeld field of occupation occupational field career field (Am.) Verwandte Begriffe: primary occupational field, main occupational field Berufsbeschreibung job description Kontext: The German automotive mechatronics engineer already corresponds to the European job description worked out in a Leonardo project. Berufsbezeichnung designation (of an occupation) occupational designation occupational title Berufsbild Berufsprofil occupational profile Kontext: The BQ-Portal, the information portal for foreign vocational qualifications offers currently 57 country profiles and more than 770 occupational profiles. These include comprehensive details on foreign VET systems and professional and vocational qualifications. Berufsausbildung berufliche Bildung berufliche Qualifizierung apprenticeship vocational education and training (VET) vocational training Definition: Education and Training which aims to equip people with skills and competences that can be used on the labour market. Quelle: CEDEFOP 2004 technical and vocational education and training (TVET) Definition: TVET is concerned with the acquisition of knowledge and skills for the world of work. Throughout the course of history, various terms have been used to describe elements of the field that are now conceived as comprising TVET. These include: Apprenticeship Training, Vocational Education, Technical Education, Technical-Vocational Education (TVE), Occupational Education

(OE), Vocational Education and Training (VET), Career and Technical Education (CTE), Workforce Education (WE), Workplace Education (WE), etc. Several of these terms are commonly used in specific geographic areas. Quelle: Homepage UNESCO career education Anmerkung: amerikanischer Terminus Berufsbildung 4.0 vocational education and training 4.0 Verwandte Begriffe: Industry 4.0, Economy 4.0, digitalisation Berufsbildungsbericht Report on Vocational Education and Training Vocational Training Report Definition: The Report on Vocational Education and Training has been providing annual information since 1977, the current foundation being § 86 of the Vocational Training Act (cf. § 86 Paragraph 1 BBiG). Information includes the number of newly concluded training contracts, associated developments on the training places market, and the further development of vocational education and training in overall terms. Verwandte Begriffe: Data Report, VET Data Report Berufsbildungsförderungsgesetz (BerBiFG) Vocational Training Promotion Act Berufsbildungsgesetz (BBiG) Vocational Training Act Definition: The German Vocational Training Act of 1969 was reformed in 2005. The aim of the law is to equip young people about to enter the world of work with complete occupational proficiency within a broadly contoured area of work. Verwandte Begriffe: Vocational Training Reform Act Berufsbildungsrecht vocational education and training law vocational training law Berufsbildungsreformgesetz (BerBiRefG) Vocational Training Reform Act Definition: The Vocational Training Reform Act has extensively revised and merged the Vocational Training Act of 1969 and the Vocational Training Promotion Act of 1981. The purpose of the reform is to ensure and improve youth training opportunities and the high quality of vocational education and training for all young people, irrespective of their social or regional origins. The Act came into force on 1 April 2005. Verwandte Begriffe: Vocational Training Act Berufsbildungsstätte (BBS) vocational training centre vocational training facility Definition: Early, practice-oriented, systematic vocational guidance is being provided at intercompany vocational training centres and similar vocational training facilities to make the transition from school to ‘dual’ vocational training (that combines part-time vocational schooling with practical work experience) easier for young people. Verwandte Begriffe: inter-company vocational training centre Berufsbildungswerk (BBW) vocational training centre for disabled young people Definition: A training centre for initial vocational education and training for disabled young people. Verwandte Begriffe: vocational retraining centres for adults with disabilities Berufseinmündung transition into employment Kontext: Higher educational attainment eases the transition into employment. Berufseinsteiger/-in career entrant Berufseinstiegsbegleitung (BerEb) career entry support (programme) Definition: Support programme within the initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) ''Qualify and Connect - the education chain up to qualification” which works towards qualitative improvement of the transition from school to dual training. Berufserfahrung professional experience Definition: The actual and lawful pursuit of an occupation or profession. Berufsfachschule full-time vocational school Definition: Below university level in the German vocational training system, full-time vocational schools that lead to full vocational qualification constitute an alternative to the dual vocational training system (which combines part-time vocational schooling with practical work experience), schools in the health care sector, and civil service training. Full-time vocational schools are part of the school system and therefore fall under the purview of Germany’s federal states. Berufsfähigkeit Beschäftigungsfähigkeit employability Definition: The degree of adaptability an individual demonstrates in finding and keeping a job, and updating occupational skills. Berufsförderungswerk (BFW) vocational retraining centre (for adults with disabilities) Verwandte Begriffe: vocational training centre for disabled young people Berufsgrundbildungsjahr (BGJ) Berufsgrundschuljahr basic vocational training year Definition: The school-based educational provision on offer (basic vocational training year, prevocational training year, full-time vocational school) offers opportunities to complete compulsory schooling, to have a further attempt at achieving school-leaving qualifications, and to receive basic vocational training. Berufsgymnasium vocational grammar school Definition: Type of school at upper secondary level offering a three-year course of education which includes both the general education subjects taught at upper Gymnasium level and career oriented subjects, such as business and technology, but which also leads to the general higher education entrance qualification. Verwandte Be

griffe: higher education entrance qualification Berufskolleg Berufsschule vocational school part-time vocational school Definition: Vocational school at upper secondary level generally providing part-time instruction in general and vocational subjects to trainees receiving vocational education and training within the dual system. Anmerkung: In Bezug auf das duale System der Berufsausbildung sollte immer von einer ''part-time vocational school'' gesprochen werden. Berufskonzept Konzept der Beruflichkeit der Ausbildung occupation-based approach to initial and continuing training concept of (initial and continuing vocational education and training based on) the regulated occupation occupational concept vocational concept Definition: Vocational training in the German dual system is based on the occupational concept: occupations requiring formal training should be oriented to the groups of qualifications that are typical for the relevant work processes. Anmerkung: Der deutsche Begriff ''Berufskonzept'' sollte immer zu der Übersetzung hinzugefügt werden. Verwandte Begriffe: occupation principle Berufsorientierung (BO) vocational orientation career orientation Berufsorientierungsprogramm (BOP) Vocational Orientation Programme Definition: The objective of the Vocational Orientation Programme of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is to offer to school pupils all over Germany a vocational orientation process that will enable them to develop a realistic idea of their own abilities and interests and to gather practical experience in a variety of occupational fields. Berufsprinzip occupation principle (tailoring vocational training to recognised skilled occupations) principle of the regulated occupation Anmerkung: Der deutsche Begriff ''Berufsprinzip'' sollte immer zu der Übersetzung hinzugefügt werden. Verwandte Begriffe: occupational concept Berufsqualifikationen professional qualifications professional and vocational qualifications Berufsqualifikationsfeststellungsgesetz (BQFG) Gesetz über die Feststellung der Gleichwertigkeit von Berufsqualifikationen Professional Qualifications Assessment Act Act concerning the Assessment of Equivalence of Professional Qualifications Definition: This Act serves to improve the use of professional qualifications acquired abroad so that holders of such qualifications can find work commensurate with those qualifications on the German labour market. Quelle: Homepage Anerkennung Berufsstart Berufseinstieg Berufseintritt career entry entry into professional life entering professional life Kontext: The German dual vocational training system stands for high training quality, is internationally recognized and offers a successful entry into professional life for 60 per cent of all young people in Germany. berufsvorbereitende Maßnahmen vocational preparation schemes Verwandte Begriffe: vocational training preparation berufsvorbereitendes Betriebspraktikum prevocational placement prevocational period of work experience prevocational traineeship Berufsvorbereitungsjahr (BVJ) prevocational training year Definition: Preparation for those young people who do not have a training contract, helping them to choose a career and providing them with vocational training in the form of full-time instruction designed to provide an introduction to one or two occupational fields. Berufswahl career choice Berufswahlreife maturity to make vocational choices Berufswelt world of work Beschäftigungschancengesetz Employment Opportunities Act Kontext: The worldwide economic and financial crisis has had its effect on the training market. The Employment Opportunities Act (Beschäftigungschancengesetz) of the 24th of October 2010 therefore extended by three years funding through the training bonus for so-called ''trainees from insolvent companies” until the end of 2013. Beschäftigungsförderung employment promotion employment support Definition: The employment offices and joint institutions carry out their tasks as entrusted to them in the Social Code SGB III (employment promotion) and the Social Code SGB II (subsistence guarantee for job-seekers). Beschäftigungsverhältnis employment employment contract Bescheinigung Siehe auch: Befähigungsnachweis, Diplom, Qualifikation, Zertifikat, Zeugnis certificate Definition: An official document, issued by an awarding body, which records the achievements of an individual following a standard assessment procedure. qualification Definition: An official record (certificate, diploma) of achievement which recognises successful completion of education or training, or satisfactory performance in a test or examination. diploma Verwandte Begriffe: leaving-certificate, vocational leaving-certificate betriebliche Ausbildung in-company training company-based training company training in-house training Verwandte Begriffe: non-company training betriebliche Fördermaßnahme company training measure betriebliche Weiterbildung continuing vocational training in ente

rprises company-based continuing training betrieblicher Ausbildungsplatz company-based apprenticeship place company-based training place betriebliches Praktikum Betriebspraktikum internship Definition: Unpaid period of employment usually undertaken by young adults with a view to gaining experience. practical placement Definition: Compulsory period of work experience as part of a training course. work experience (placement) Anmerkung: for school children period of practical training betriebsnahe Ausbildung (practical) training offered by external providers in close cooperation with local enterprises Betriebsrat works council workers’ council Betriebstage practical placement days Anmerkung: Während einige Bundesländer Praktika in dualer Form praktizieren (z.B. zwei Betriebstage in der Woche), sind im schulischen Berufsvorbereitungsjahr mehrwöchige Blockpraktika die Regel. Betriebsverfassungsgesetz (BetrVG) Works Constitution Act Bewertung assessment Definition: The sum of methods and processes used to evaluate the attainments (knowledge, know-how, skills and competences) of an individual and typically leading to certification. Verwandte Begriffe: certification Bewertung von Lernergebnissen assessment of learning outcomes Definition: Process of appraising knowledge, knowhow, skills and/or competences of an individual against predefined criteria (learning expectations, measurement of learning outcomes). Assessment is typically followed by certification. Bildung außerhalb der Schulpflicht Bildung nach Ende der Schulpflicht post-compulsory education Bildungscontrolling assessment of training programmes monitoring of the value of training educational controlling Anmerkung: Der Begriff ''educational controlling'' wird häufig in Übersetzungen von Fachtexten der deutschen Bildungsforschung verwendet. Da es sich um einen deutschen Ansatz handelt, gibt es keine direkte Entsprechung in GB/US. Daher besser oben genannte umschreibende Varianten verwenden. Bildungseinrichtung Definition: Education followed by an individual after the minimum legal school-leaving age. Verwandte Begriffe: compulsory education educational establishment educational institution training establishment Anmerkung: depending on context Bildungsabbruch Bildungsforschung Ausbildungsabbruch dropout early school-leaving education dropout training dropout Definition: Withdrawal from an education or training programme before its completion. Anmerkung: This term designates both the process (early school-leaving) and the persons (early schoolleavers) who fail to complete a course. Besides early school-leavers, dropouts may also include learners who have completed education or training but failed the examinations. Bildungsabschluss qualification Bildungsanbieter Bildungsträger education(al) provider training provider Anmerkung: depending on context Bildungsangebot training provision education(al) provision Verwandte Begriffe: training provision planning Bildungsberatung educational counselling vocational counselling training counselling Anmerkung: depending on context educational research (vocational) training research Anmerkung: depending on context Verwandte Begriffe: empirical educational research, training research data Bildungsgutschein education voucher training voucher Anmerkung: depending on context Bildungshintergrund education background educational background Bildungsinländer/-in non-nationals who have completed their school education in Germany non-nationals who have acquired their university entrance qualification in Germany non-nationals who completed their school education in a German-speaking environment Definition: International (university) applicants with a German Abitur including applicants from a German school abroad. Verwandte Begriffe: Bildungsausländer Bildungspräferenzen educational preferences Kontext: Educational preferences of pupils change over the course of their years in school. Bildungsprämie Continuing Education Grant Definition: The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) supports individual investment B/D in continuing vocational education and training with the ''Continuing Education Grant” programme. The Continuing Education Grant gives a 50 percent reduction in continuing education costs, and is intended to mobilise working people to participate in training. Bildungsströme educational flow Verwandte Begriffe: pupil flow Bildungsurlaub educational leave Definition: According to the Law for Further Education of Employees (Arbeitnehmerweiterbildungsgesetz, AWbG) employees in Germany are entitled to take 5 days of company leave for the purpose of socio-political learning and professional training. Verwandte Begriffe: paid educational leave Bildungsweg educational pathway (vocational) education pathway educational background Bundesagentur für Arbeit (BA) Federal Employment Agency Definition: The Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit - BA) is the largest provider of labour market servic

es in Germany. It has a network of more than 700 agencies and branch offices nationwide. Its most important tasks are job and training placement, career counselling and providing benefits replacing employment income such as unemployment benefit and insolvency payments. The Family Benefits Office (Familienkasse), which provides child benefit, is also part of the Federal Employment Agency. Bundeseinheitlichkeit federal uniformity national standards nationwide standards Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung (BIBB) Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training Verwandte Begriffe: Board, Research Council Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) Federal Ministry of Education and Research Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie (BDI) Federation of German Industries (BDI) Definition: The Federation of German Industries is the umbrella organisation of German industry and industry-related service providers. It speaks on behalf of 36 sector associations and represents over 100,000 large, medium-sized and small enterprises with more than eight million employees. Bundesvereinigung der Deutschen Arbeitgeberverbände (BDA) Confederation of German Employers’ Associations (BDA) Definition: BDA’s central mission is to actively represent business interests in the field of social policy. BWP - Berufsbildung in Wissenschaft und Praxis BWP - Vocational Training in Research and Practice Definition: The journal ''Berufsbildung in Wissenschaft und Praxis - BWP'' (Vocational Training in Research and Practice) reports on research findings on and practical experience with topical issues from the field of vocational education and training, thus fostering an exchange between players in education research, dayto-day education practice, and education policy. BWP is published six times a year: in February, April, June, August, October, and December. Dachverband umbrella organisation Datenbank der Qualifizierungsbausteine database of training modules Verwandte Begriffe: training modules Deutsche Referenzstelle für Qualitätssicherung in der beruflichen Bildung: DEQA-VET German Reference Point for Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training Definition: DEQA-VET is part of a European network of National Quality Assurance Reference Points. Their purpose is to foster the development of a common understanding of quality assurance and its application in vocational education and training (VET). Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund (DGB) German Trade Union Confederation Definition: The German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) is the umbrella organization for eight German trade unions. Together, the DGB member unions represent the interests of over six million people. This makes the DGB by far the largest confederation of trade unions in Germany and the biggest national confederation of trade unions worldwide. Deutscher Industrie- und Handelskammertag (DIHK) Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) Definition: The Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Deutscher Industrieund Handelskammertag, DIHK) is the central organisation for 80 Chambers of Commerce and Industry, CCI (Industrie- und Handelskammern, IHKs) in Germany. All German companies registered in Germany, with the exception of handicraft businesses, the free professions and farms, are required by law to join a chamber. Thus, the DIHK speaks for more than three million entrepreneurs. Deutscher Qualifikationsrahmen (DQR) German Qualifications Framework Verwandte Begriffe: EQF, NQR Quelle: Homepage European Commission Deutsches Institut für Erwachsenenbildung - Leibniz-Zentrum für Lebenslanges Lernen (DIE) German Institute for Adult Education Leibniz Centre for Lifelong Learning (DIE) Definition: The German Institute for Adult Education

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